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You Can Remember Love 

Contemplations on Science and Spirituality

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      Inspired by Plato, Albert Einstein, A Course in Miracles, and others, Odete Martins Bigote presents complex metaphysical matters in a practical, informative manner.  We can grasp the concepts she discusses and put them to use in improving our lives.

     Reflecting her genuine concern for humanity, Ms. Bigote regards everyone she meets as a fellow pilgrim and uses real-life episodes to describe a path of forgiveness.  She also reveals a new and liberating approach to the problem of evil.

     This book will touch your heart and remain forever in your memory.


Dear  friends:
You Can Remember Love came into existence as a consequence of many years of inner searching.  Questions such as:  where do my thoughts come from, where are they going and why am I here, paraded often in my mind. I started to study spiritual disciplines and to teach and give lectures. It all led to the writing of the book. I hope You Can Remember Love

will help
you in your ordeals as much as it has helped me, and even more.  The book may fit into the category of self-help, philosophy, psychology, metaphysical, motivational, spiritual growth, mind body and spirit, etc..., yet, it is a book for everyone who is curious about life and healing, and that is beyond any category. 


"You Can Remember Love" will help you discover how to:

bulletTransform yourself from caterpillar to butterfly
bulletRecognize that your mind is a powerful hologram
bulletTranscend your problems and be guided to see the battle from above
bulletRemember love through a new process of forgiveness 
bulletUnderstand life is a dream of awakening


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Odete Martins Bigote