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Reviews of the book



You Can Remember Love is filled with practical spiritual nuggets that help bring Light into any darkness.

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.

Author, Love is Letting Go of Fear




Ms. Bigote’s book approaches the often male-dominated view of science with the touch of a soft feminine loving hand. This book warmly brings love to a cold universe and helps many who have lost their way because of a too restricted view of the loving miracle they are.

Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.

Author of The Dreaming Universe





You Can Remember Love makes the most brilliant use of the metaphorical possibilities of modern physics to date. Nature as an allegory of the spirit is an ancient theme which, over the past decades has been taken up by many modern writers on the spiritual implications of science. From the earliest times, philosophers and poets have perceived visible nature as a complex dance of symbols revealing the play of a deeper spiritual reality beneath. Ms. Bigote brings this ancient tradition to life once again and teaches us to interpret the paradoxes of quantum theory as the modern allegory of love and spiritual light.

Curtis Brooks, Ph.D.





Odete M. Bigote has written a spiritual guidebook for the 21st century. Drawing from her own experiences, and from spiritual texts from ancient times down to the present, she has set forth in a series of short, clearly written chapters, steps that will lead the grateful reader to self-awareness and peace of mind and heart. Ms. Bigote’s book is free of the cant and jargon that often characterize spiritual self-help books. It is also a marvel of comprehension. You Can Remember Love is a gift of illumination to anyone seeking a way out of the agony of self-doubt, envy, bitterness and the grief of a failed relationship.

Peter Rand,

Author of China Hands




Odete Bigote's You Can Remember Love is a philosophical and also practical book about healing and self-discovery through re-discovering our unity with God and realizing that our seeming separation is only an illusion. Writing in a clear, accessible style expressing her lively, friendly personality bubbling over with love, good will, and joie de vivre, Odete combines science and  religion, physics and theology, to show that we are part of the Light and never even really left the Light, though we erroneously believe we did. Using both metaphysics and the New Physics to demonstrate our oneness with our Source, she quotes from the Bible, the Upanishads, the Buddha, Plato, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Fred Alan Wolf, David Bohm, and A Course in Miracles. She uses modern science to show that while things and people seem to be separated in space, time, and our ordinary everyday consciousness from each other and from God, they are fundamentally united and will ultimately rejoin their Source. She describes her  workshops where she has translated those concepts into practical reality, showing how she and others have successfully used the ideas of You Can Remember Love in everyday life.

Dr. T. Peter Park 




Odete speaks freely and easily about our apparent "paradox" of separation from God and being one with God, at the same time.  While she mixes Science and Spirituality, we can see how our world really is not what we believe it to be.  Odete has a wonderful way of giving us hard proven, scientific evidence that takes us to the edge of understanding. Then she softens it, with intimate, personal experiences of her life and relationships, that bring the idea of ultimate love and forgiveness.

The meditation and affirmations are very powerful in recognizing our own fears, and allowing them to go back to the Source for completion.

It is a book that every "logical" minded person, who is searching for truth must read.

Rev. Melissa Leath 



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