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You Can Remember Love: Contemplations on Science and Spirituality

Table of Contents 

Part I    The Myth of Separation

Part II   Modern Science and Spirituality


Final Note    Notes    Bibliography  



Table of Contents

Preface x

What This Book Is About xii

What Is A Course In Miracles? An Overview xviii


Chapter 1: Healing Is Our Decision 2

Chapter 2: Encounters with Miracles 6

Chapter 3: We Are Always Listening: Whose Voice Is It? 11

Chapter 4: One Is All We Need 14

Chapter 5: On Love 16

Chapter 6: Who Made Evil and Why 20

Chapter 7: How Long Can Peace Last? 31

Chapter 8: How Enemies Become Friends 35

Chapter 9: The Importance of Forgiveness 41

Letís Scare Fear in a Loving Way

Chapter 10: From Suicide to Vitamins 47

Chapter 11: The Interfering False Ego and Meditation 49

Chapter 12: Meditation 53

Chapter 13: Steps of Atonement: How to Ask for Helpin Order to Remember Love and Forgive 58

Chapter 14: Mothers 67


Symbols and Metaphors 70

Introduction 71

Chapter 15: Light of Heaven and Light of the World 78

Chapter 16: The Hologram and the Script:

Where do our Thoughts Come From? 80

Chapter 17: The Importance of an Instant 91

Chapter 18: Atoms and Time 98

Chapter 19: To Be or Not To Be Bound:

Where Is the Real World? 101

Chapter 20: Alternatives To Love 107

Chapter 21: Bell's Theorem:

There Is a Nonlocal Connection (Beyond

Space and Time) that Unifies All Things 115

Chapter 22: Space Travel and Forgiveness 118

Chapter 23: The Observer and Forgiveness:

Mind is the Only Weapon There Is 124

Chapter 24: Matter (Electron) Flirts with Light (Photon):

We Return Home as We Think We Go Forward 133

Chapter 25: Electrons and Ego 141

Chapter 26: We Are All Actors 145

Chapter 27: Why God Does Not Interfere 150

Chapter 28: Ours Is a Universal Womb

Space and Time Do Not Matter 153


Chapter 29: We Forgot Who We Are: Let Us Meet Again

in Order to Remember and Forgive 155

Final Note 160

Notes 161

Bibliography 166


1. Unified Mind xxi

2. Our Two Systems of Thought xxii

3. Separation from LoveóA Myth

The World of Dreams and Illusions 26

4. The Hologram and the Script: Where is Reality? 85

5. ReversingóTime is Gentle 122

6. Dream of Evolution

Matter Flirts with Light 135

7. Electrons' Dream of Separation 137

8. Twin Photon Universal Womb 146

9. Metaphors of the World of Perception 150


1. The Instant of Love Is All the Time There Is 97

2. My Guide and I Own My Space 123

3. Everyone I Meet Can Become My Savior or My Crucifer 132

4. Iím a Happy Child of God 140

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